Prime 5 Humorous Boss Stories

We have been within a organization picnic and now we acquired our manager drunk. He goes to take a piss over a tree but was drunk so he was fumbling for his penis. Our coworker proceeded To place a scorching Puppy in his hand anf the husband peed in their trousers. The hilarious portion was when he ended along with the "penis" fell on the bottom.
Manager: "Exactly what the hell did you do right now to my Pc? I am entering my password, but all It can be giving me is seven asterisks!"
Me: "Oh, no trouble. I modified your password to 7 asterisks."
Manager: "Oh! Okay, thanks." (keeps hoping...)
My boss mailed a standard birthday card to me. It mentioned "Delighted Birthday, Greg!" whilst working with term "Greg" crossed out and my title penned in over it. Greg was fired not too long ago.
So our employees had to place a industrial alongside one another and I emailed [manager] and reported he could want to lift off the 'fuh shoooo' mainly because it would not look very Specialist. He replies: 'FYI, 'fuh shoooo' is slang for 'of course. I'm a black Lady from prolonged Seaside and a 55 years outdated white guy jokers big brother is educating me slang.
I leave new boss my dwelling variety on voicemail out because of health issues. He calls me on a Sunday morning immediately after finding mentioned amount of their trousers pockets. Considered he obtained the quantity for the bar past evening. When he realized his mistake, he couldn't appear me throughout the eyes once more. Treated me like shit then.

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